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Engaging learning for modern schools

Test your students’ knowledge in an engaging way. Combine fun and learning for incredible results.

Meaningful engagement with multimodal questions

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Prepare an online test with single- and multiple-choice questions

Multiple Choice Questions

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Publish with ease

Share quizzes effortlessly with students or colleagues

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Utilize a variety of question features

Build engaging assessments and enrich tests with amazing contents

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Open Ended Questions

Mix all types of questions in one test sheet for deep insights into students’ performance 

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Starlight supports assessments in all languages & shares across countries

Content in all languages


AI generated

Why generate questions with Stardust AI?

Get inspired

You don't have to start from scratch! Use Starlight as your co-pilot and get started in seconds with AI-generated question ideas for your curriculum

Speed up work

No time? No problem! Simply tell Stardust AI what kind of questions you need. Upload your source of knowledge and let our platform Stardust its magic. 

Create variants of questions

Stardust AI can generate different versions of questions to the same content. To use this feature, simply reupload your file and let our algorithms try a new approach.

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