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An App that Makes Learning Fun...

Meet Stardust: Your AI study-buddy 

Looks like you want to learn about biology

Let's play a game with Quiz me

Starlight: Igniting Minds, Unlocking Potential

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all assessments and hello to individualized learning. Try our smart assessment tool today and see the benefits for yourself!

AI Homework Help 
AI Quiz me 

Experience a new era of AI-enhanced learning

For Students

  • ​Stardust AI's Quiz me help you self learn new STEM subjects. 

  • Stardust AI's Homework buddy helps you excel at school.

  • Stardust PDF convertors converts any  curriculum into study-help

For Teachers

Flexibly engage students at their own pace, from any device.

Get data that’s easy to act on

Gamification can keep students attention span longer on difficult subjects

For Schools

  • Empower your teachers and unlock student potential with Starlight.

  • Tranform Education 

  • Be The Change

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