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I am Sumita Debata 

Head of Design & Engineering Systems at Google. Been at Google for 8+ years and been part of development and implementation journey for several products on google cloud platform.  Currently working on software infrastructure backbone for pixel phone development. My passion is building lovable products for the users.

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My Story

Diversity and Inclusion in High School STEM Education is an area which I firmly believe can make an impact in improving diversity in STEM students' enrollment in colleges and eventually diversity in workspace. I started the my first steps to close this gap and drive this mission close to home through a Public Charitable organization Sky Is The Limit Inc. I co-founded with my son. I am acting as CEO and run the day to day operations of the non profit working closely with the board members. This charity organization is based out of Palo Alto (yes in the backyard of the Stanford University & several startup's backyard).  This charity organization is focused to provide support for educators and students for underfunded schools in society. This charity is heavily driven by volunteers and donors with a critical boards from Ex-CEO of Nike, Product Managers from Tech Companies and Palo Alto based startup founders group. Currently we are only USA based but one day we dream to expand our impact to other parts of world. 


Starlight Smart Education Assessment Software product is a genesis from the vision to make education more affordable to all classes of society. There is a huge gap in society where these resources are not available for free to underfunded classrooms. That's where this product idea initiated. The software is being named as starlight ( Product is still in incubation, As the CTO of the product, i have started building the features for software development, our design teams are building out the website, our legal teams are at work to build out our privacy and terms statements & making sure we are meeting all legal bindings and most importantly our marketing team is connecting with local schools to get early engagement assessment & research interests . 

I am excited to launch this product in 2023. I believe a smart assessment software will revolutionize education industry and make it education more affordable. If you want to join our vision and journey, please contact us.  

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